Lifeworks Staffordshire – supporting the community during COVID19

Wed 6 May 2020
Lifeworks Staffordshire – supporting the community during COVID19

Lifeworks Staffordshire, a charity based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, cater for higher functioning people on the Autistic Spectrum and people who think they are on the spectrum but do not yet have a formal diagnosis, from the age of 14 upwards.

 ‘We’ve been working hard at a distance, said Louise Zandian, CEO of Lifeworks Staffordshire. Giving emotional support, coping strategies & combatting loneliness. We speak, text or email clients and carers. If people on the spectrum need help they can also look at our website, Facebook or Twitter.

‘It is having the knowledge and personal experience of the Autistic Spectrum which makes us so effective and unique. We’ve had a client that was worried about being stopped by the police. Another client was worried about his brother who can’t stay in and wanders. And another client had gone 6 days without food before he managed to ring us. Straight away he was referred to a service that delivers him a food parcel and a voucher to keep him going.’

 ‘Police advised us that clients should carry ID & say they are a client of Lifeworks Staffordshire a charity for people on the autistic spectrum. This helped to calm the anxiety of these clients which is essential in these difficult times.

For more information about Lifeworks Staffordshire, please contact Louise Zandian, CEO of Lifeworks Staffordshire.

Lifeworks Staffordshire
12 Merrial Street

OFFICE: 01782615222
MOBILE: 07861731721

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